Building a Resilient Resistance

By advocating non-compliance and resistance, the nascent Resist movement is calling into question the legitimacy of this administration’s authority. Such erosion of government authority is intolerable to any state, particularly one with a long history of disrupting social movements. As such, Resist will be a target for state disruption, either through direct targeting of visible leadership or by disrupting specific relationships and associations within the movement.

By existing within a legal framework, grassroots nonprofits are particularly vulnerable to disruption. The drive to oppose unjust policies, in conjunction with limited capacity and burdensome regulations, can quickly lead to (real or alleged) “non-compliance”. This can lead to lawsuits, audits and/or loss of funding, disrupting their operations—a DDOS IRL. This is an everyday reality of working within a legal framework, but a clear weakness for the Resist movement, that appears to be gravitating towards the authenticity that grassroots leadership brings.

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No Muslim Ban SFO

Click below to see my short video on the weekend-long No Muslim Ban protest at San Francisco International Airport this past January 28 and 29.

No Muslim Ban Protest at SFO, Jan 28 and 29

Why Riseup’s Canary Matters

UPDATE: In a Feb 16, 2017 press release Riseup confirmed they had been unable to update their warrant canary due to gag orders that accompanied two sealed warrants related to alleged extortion activities. They have complied with these warrants and have updated their canary with more general language.

After nearly five months, I am calling it: Riseup’s canary is truly well and dead. Riseup’s services have been compromised and are no longer secure.

This may sound like an extreme claim, until one understands that the canary existed to let us know if Riseup was ever compromised.

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