No Muslim Ban SFO

Click below to see my short video on the weekend-long No Muslim Ban protest at San Francisco International Airport this past January 28 and 29.

No Muslim Ban Protest at SFO, Jan 28 and 29

Why Riseup’s Canary Matters

UPDATE: In a Feb 16, 2017 press release Riseup confirmed they had been unable to update their warrant canary due to gag orders that accompanied two sealed warrants related to alleged extortion activities. They have complied with these warrants and have updated their canary with more general language.

After nearly five months, I am calling it: Riseup’s canary is truly well and dead. Riseup’s services have been compromised and are no longer secure.

This may sound like an extreme claim, until one understands that the canary existed to let us know if Riseup was ever compromised.

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Site Migration Issues and Solutions

After more than a decade of gathering and sharing my thoughts using a mix of wikis, Wordpress instances and other random solutions, consolidating them into a format that had long-term value, like plain text files, seemed like a great idea. Jekyll makes this easy, in large part because the content can then be easily converted to static sites that can be quickly deployed.

Here are some issues I’ve run into during this migration and the solutions I’ve found:

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A Crack in the System

After a couple of hours of getting acquainted with Jekyll and deploying it using GitHub Pages, I turned my attention to getting Nassim’s new blog migrated to our host. It’s called A Crack in the System and focuses on issues I really care about, including animal liberation and food habits. She’s in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas right now and will be using it to share her perspectives on what’s going on down there. (Hint: It doesn’t sound all that different from what going on here).