Back in March 2011, I needed a new domain name and found that sanfranciscan.org was available. Since I live in San Francisco (California) and my family is from San Francisco del Rincón (Guanajuato), I figured it was meant to be, so I registered the domain and this project is the result.

I spend most of my days working as a labor organizer and walking my pup Luna. For many years I was media activist and rarely an engineer. I was raised in the Bajío, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario and in Middle Tennesse. I later spent my university years and the rest of my twenties on the shores of the Léman.

I was raised vegetarian and became a vegan around 2004. I am a co-founder of Seed the Commons, a grassroots organization that works to create sustainable and just food systems that are independent of animal exploitation.

I am a member of the 2022 San Francisco Redistricting Task Force and of the East Cut Community Benefit District board of directors. I was previously an elected member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition board of directors and elected member of the Sierra Club, San Francisco local group executive committee.

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