San Francisco's Mission Street is 30 Mexica Hearts Wide

San Francisco street dimensions often don’t make sense, at least in feet. Many streets in the South of Market, including Mission Street, are 82 feet, 6 inches wide. Other streets in the Western Addition and the Mission District are 68 feet, 9 inches. In a city where any small change to traffic can become a pitched battle, these seemingly-arbitrary street widths show up time and time again.

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Municipal Bike Share

Below is the public comment I gave at today’s hearing on municipal bikeshare held by the Government Audit and Oversight Committee meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

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Four Years Later

After four years of no updates, I figured it was time to post a short something.

On the content front, incomplete posts are piling up and many ideas for future content are rattling around my head, but other priorities will continue to take precedent for a while. I have been able to find time to keep the technical side up to date, which is encouraging; it means I haven’t given up on this project.

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